Definitions and types of pollutions:

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants. Pollution is often classed as point source or nonpoint source pollution.

Keywords of pollution

Air pollution

Air pollution in Spain affects 95% of the population:

MADRID // About 45 million people in Spain, ie 95% of the population is breathing polluted air, as the latest report on air quality submitted Ecologists in Action. To this figure, the organization has been based on those recommended by the World Health Organization levels. Although, taking into account the -more laxos- parameters set by the government of Spain, the number of affected citizens would be 16.8 million, 36% of the total population.

To make this report, Ecologists in Action has taken over 2013 measurements on 705 monitoring stations spread over 135 areas across the country (except Ceuta and Mellilla). The data show that last year a slight decline in some contaminants, a situation that is repeated from 2007 due to the economic crisis, although there has been a surge in tropospheric ozone pollution was recorded.

For the investigators, ozone is "the main public health problem." The main affected areas are Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, and Northern Catalonia, inside of Valencia, Murcia ... but is widespread. It affects more than 40 million inhabitants in Spain and only some cooler and wetter areas of Galicia and Asturias be saved. "There are no plans to break ground level ozone" explained from Ecologists in Action, while reiterating that "this is the biggest problem right now."

Were also measured levels of particulate matter; nitrogen dioxide, a problem that affects tens of millions of people, especially in metropolitan areas of large cities and sulfur dioxide, which is in very high levels especially in the environment of large thermal cities.

In addition, the study of 2013 were detected high levels of benzo (a) pyrene in the area of ​​Plana de Vic, although responsible for the report clarifies that could occur in other areas as this Catalan area is one of the few sites where this type of meters. Benzo (a) pyrene is "a dangerous carcinogen" according to claim from Ecologists in Action, and may have to do with the use of biomass as fuel.

How you would do things differently to reduce pollution?

Many of the actions we take every day have consequences on the planet.

For example, the excessive consumption of energy and water, and the purchase of environmentally friendly products now and in the future affecting the environment and the creatures that inhabit the earth.   Clearly the role they have to meet the state and institutions, but collaboration and citizen awareness is essential to solve the environmental problem.


- Eric

I found out that Fatbergs are becoming an increasingly common problem affecting the UK's sewer networks.  Fatbergs are collections of fatty food waste, grease and wet wipes which can potentially grow to the size of a Boeing 747.  They are caused by oil, grease and fat being poured down sinks where they congeal and stick to sewer walls. Once this build up has occurred, other waste that enters the sewer can often stick to the fat, causing a "snowball effect" and gradually increasing the size of the Fatberg.

- Kye

Tames Tideway Tunnel

The River Thames Tideway is a vital link for many species. Fish usually migrate because of diet or reproductive needs. It is vital that the condition of the Tideway is maintained and improved to support these fish in their lifecycle. The tidal River Thames is a valuable nursery for many commercially fished species in the North Sea.
Less dumping will reduce pollution a lot of waste is run into the Thames River. The smell of the river is very smelly breathing in the smell could damage your lungs which is very dangerous and could cause heart disease or if you have asthma you could suffer an asthma attack.

- Kye