Some students' reports about their time in Right Choice and
working about the magazine:

My time at Right Choice

I think right choice is ok. It's not the best, but the teachers are helpful as much as they can. They try to teach you if you don’t listen then you will get sent out of the class and have a chance to work 1 to 1 or sit there till the class is ended and get to play no games.

- Ethan

My experience at Right Choice

I have gain a lot of experience at right choice. I have gain experience in sporting activities like table tennis, pool, and football.

I have also gain experience in PSHE, ICT and also cooking aspect. I have also gain experience in sewing

- Gibril

My experience

For shine awards I did Omar's tree description. Tree represents air filter, it decrease air pollution and greenhouse emissions, trees improve water quality by absorbing and filtering rainwater, trees provide habitat for many species and can reduce noise. I really enjoyed participating in shine awards that was a great experience.

- Nojus

My experience in Shine Awards

My experience in Shine awards was good because I learnt a lot of new things. The most interesting part was to learn about renewable energy such as solar panels and wind turbines .I needed to make a description about carbon footprint and I found it quite interesting and other people should know about it as well. I liked to work in groups and talk to different people in Right choice. Shine awards made our school more collective and learned how to work in pairs and bigger groups of five or four. - Edijs


Red Noise Day:

For our Red Noise day on Friday, 13th, March, 2015.

We had to wear "Red" and for each time someone wore a red item, we paid 50p towards the Charity. Each time someone painted a face we paid 50p for the painter and 50p for the person who had their face painted. Conor Welsh was responsible for collecting the funds.
We raised £15 to give to a green charity.